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Our New Temperature-Controlled Storeroom

Published date: 11 Oct 2022

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As part of continued investment into our facilities, we have recently installed a bespoke, temperature-controlled room with pallet access, located in the heart of our shop floor.

Our insulated storeroom uses a state of the art air conditioning system to assist with controlling the internal temperature of the room, ensuring longevity and optimisation of our materials. 

Incorrectly storing and exposing material to varying temperatures can significantly impact materials resulting in considerable wastage and risk of part failure, thus emphasising the importance of maintaining a controlled temperature for material storage. 

When exposed to high temperatures the curing process of a material may be initiated, resulting in deteriorating performance and premature failure once products are produced, as well as excessive wastage. On the other hand, extreme low temperatures can lead to partial crystallisation and a loss of elasticity, making the material brittle, this is also known as the rubber-glass transition. 

Key benefits of a temperature-controlled storeroom:

Material optimisation
Reduced wastage 
Deformation prevention

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