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Vision and values of Southbourne Rubber

The positive vision and values brought to SBR by Managing Director Stephen Wilde are instrumental to its business success.

Southbourne Rubber (SBR) has been a key player in the industrial rubber manufacturing sector for almost fifty years.  It supplies precision and industrial rubber products to clients including global and British aerospace, MoD and Royal Navy Dockyards.

Since joining the SBR team in 2016, my main objective has been to ensure the business has direction, focus, energy and a bright futureSBR Vision and Values

Stephen has a passion for the business and a drive to grow SBR's already respected reputation in the market.  He works with a team of skilled and friendly people with excellence across the customer support, production, development and quality teams.

The company continually invest in state of the art machinery.  Combined with skilled, quality focused and friendly teams of people this has helped the company reach its position of strength. 

SBR has sustained a reputation for quality and Stephen is proud of his team's achievements.


Nurturing the next generation ...


With a small amount of help and enthusiasm, jobs and peoples futures can be created and secured

When he joined the business, Stephen was impressed with the key business baseline.  The company had multiple accreditations and standard customer feedback stated "Your quality is very good and you always deliver on time".

An EU grant helped SBR invest in new equipment with a contribution of twenty percent of the overall cost.  This was a key part of Stephen's new five year plan.  In the three years since the company has grown more than fifty percent year-on-year.

SBR has expanded its personnel and support of the government apprenticeship scheme.  One of the new apprentices has already been taken on full time and was shortlisted for the West of England Aerospace Forum Apprentice of the Year award.

"It is key for our future that these young people absorb both knowledge and experience I and others have gained before it is lost.  Loss of knowledge was a significant risk  to our business and that is now diminishing.  I see these progressive apprenticeships as an excellent way to train and add the required youth element into any business to ensure longevity"


"SBR is always our first port of call for our seals, gaskets, O-rings and rubber parts due to great quality, fantastic customer service, Open Technology Development (OTD) and releases they offer. First Class" 


A commitment to quality ...


SBR meet and exceed customer expectations for the implementation of quality

SBR are committed to quality and as such, are approved to the aerospace standard AS9100D.  The company is also ISO 9001 certified; a recognition of international quality.  This means they meet and exceed their customers' expectations for the implementation of a formal quality management system.

The company is approved to supply a large number of global and British companies including all the major players requiring precision rubber manufacturing.  SBR are approved to work with these organisations which includes continual compliance with their individual requirements.  This allows Southbourne Rubber to contribute to the supply chain that serves them directly.

"Within this, we can provide a certificate of conformity that shows our products meet each company's required specifications and Raw Materials Certification.  This confirms the materials used for our products have been tested and comply with each company's requirements" Stephen Wilde, Managing Director, Southbourne Rubber.




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