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Silicone and PVC Tubing

Southbourne Rubber manufactures both silicone hose and PVC tubing

Choosing either of these materials depends largely on your specific needs and application.

Each material has specific characteristics and properties that enable it to withstand the environment it is placed within.  Flexibility on quantity and our ability to fulfil larger tubing orders quickly and efficiently has made this a popular component. 

Our production portfolio is also complimented by our ability to supply medical-grade tubing.  We also have the ability to offer cleanroom kitting and packing making this ideal for healthcare or food production requirements.

Whether you need silicone rubber or a fluoroelastomer material, we can fulfil and ship your order with accuracy and fast turnaround

What is Silicone and PVC Tubing?

Primarily PVC tubing is constructed from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride).  At the point of extrusion, a lubricant materials and stabilizer are used alongside the resin material

In the case of silicone tube, this is constructed from a rubber material.  An advantage of silicone is its ability to resist any reaction with many chemical substances. 

Silicone tubing tends to be flexible though strong, can withhold higher temperatures and is more hygienic while PVC tends to be more cost-effective.



The difference between silicone and PVC hose and the strengths of each material allow it to be used for a wide variety of applications

Whether you choose silicone or PVC, this will depend upon your individual requirements.

Food and drink production, pharmaceutical processing and washing machine drainage are some applications to name a few. 

In the case of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, SBR have the capability to supply a wide range of tubing options. 

These can be made from medical-grade materials with our additional production capability to package in an ISO certified cleanroom.