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PTFE Components

PTFE Components from Southbourne Rubber support key UK and global industries

We have a proud history of supporting the aviation and aerospace industry with precision manufactured rubber components. 

Within the recent years of operation, we have seen increasing demand from the electronics and healthcare industry for parts made form this material.

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What are PTFE Components?

PTFE is a fluorocarbon material with a solid construction, well recognised by the material brand name Teflon

It has a great many applications that use its non-stick properties and its ability to resist water and wetting.  PTFE also has excellent non-reactive properties where it is required to hold corrosive materials or provide pipework for chemical substances.

Reducing overall friction, abrasion and allowing machinery to operate mechanically with efficiency are important characteristics. 



In the case of the aerospace industry, castings for communication devices is one of the many applications we manufacture for

High performance coatings are also a key application we support with our manufacturing for industries including electronics.

Our increasing support of the healthcare industry is an exciting development for SBR.  It taps into a few specialist areas for our company which include the precision manufacturing, material knowledge and cleanroom production capability.

The ability of PTFE to provide an anti-bacterial barrier enable it’s use for applications such as barrier for catheters and a medical-grade coating on a range of other medical devices.