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Rubber and Silicone Extrusions

Manufactured in various rubber materials from natural rubber to EPDM [Materials], extrusions are parts pushed through a die of the required cross-section under pressure

The most suitable type of rubber depends on the rubber extrusion’s likely exposure to weathering, temperature, UV and abrasion.  Silicone sponge cord is used as a solution offering a soft seal. 

This is usually held in place with a groove slightly smaller than the cord.  Solid Silicone Cord would be used in a situation where O-ring sealing capabilities are required.

Often used for sealing doors, car boots and windows and to control noise and vibrations, our rubber extrusions are available in straight lengths or coils and cut to a length to suit your requirements.

Whether you need silicone rubber or a fluoroelastomer material, we can fulfil and ship your order with accuracy and fast turnaround

What is a Rubber Extrusion?

The process of manufacturing rubber extrusions requires a silicone material to be pushed through a shaped die

This cutter is more often manufactured from stainless steel and maintains shape for accurate production of the extrusion.

The shape can of course vary to produce cords or more complicated shaping and cross-section pieces. 

To gain an accurate profile, our technicians and design teams will create detailed drawings and produce material samples.



Doors of all types use rubber extrusions to create a seal such as glazing seals and draught excluders. 

They can be exposed to both high and low temperatures such as on oven door seals or fridges door seals.

Get in touch with our support team to discuss your extrusion requirements in more detail