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Rubber & Silicone Sheeting

Rubber and silicone sheeting from Southbourne Rubber is available in a variety of different sizes and technical specifications

In our Hampshire based office we stock a varied range of rubber and silicone sheeting.  A variety of grades are available to our customers, so they select the precise specification they require for their application.  Hardness and grades vary in our range. 

We cater for requirements ranging from high temperature silicone sheet, flame retardant silicone sheeting through to fluorosilicone rubber sheet. 

In the case of Flurosilicone rubber sheeting, this is often requested by customers handling or producing equipment designed to withstand exposure to fuels and chemicals.

Whether you need silicone rubber or a fluoroelastomer material, we can fulfil and ship your order with accuracy and fast turnaround

What is Rubber and Silicone Sheeting?

Southbourne Rubber offers over 50 different grades of rubber sheeting from a variety of rubber and silicone materials

This is available in a number of different thicknesses and colours. It is a hardy material able to perform at extremes of high and low temperature, our rubber sheeting is also available as flame-resistant with an M1 (Class 1) classification.

As with all types of rubber and silicone sheeting the applications are far reaching. It can be supplied as a simple sheet material or have the addition of an adhesive to one side. 

Further uses are its conversion into other rubber parts such as seals, gaskets and other fabricated custom mouldings.



Rubber sheeting is often used in industrial environments to provide protection of work surfaces and resistance to vibrations and electrical conductivity

Our grades can be used for many applications including gaskets, seals, washers, strips and a variety of resources for the food processing sector.

Silicone sheeting, with its ultra-smooth surface repels bacteria and has hypo-allergenic nature.  It offers many advantages over other rubber sheeting and is preferred for hygiene-critical environments such as medical and catering.