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Rubber Gators

Rubber Gators from Southbourne Rubber are created using the latest compression moulding technology to produce a component of an exceptional standard

Whether you need a moving joint such as a gear stick or a protective part, we will be able to fulfil your needs in full. 

We work with industry to provide Rubber Gators able to offer the functionality and longevity this part requires.We have been supplying rubber products and mouldings for over fifty years with a reputation for quality and service across many industries. 

If you require a custom solution our technical teams are on hand to support you enquiry - please fell free to get in touch

What are Rubber Gators?

A gator is a rubber tube with a series of folds (pleats)

This component is placed over specific areas of a machine to protect the mechanism.  This protection may be to stop contaminants effecting the movement or functionality such as dust, dirt, oil or water.

It may also protect mechanisms from drying out or maintain the presence of lubricant placed on the moving joint.

Materials and colour options are a flexible feature of SBR's production of this component.  Every element of the design can be controlled by our production to best fit your requirements.

We can manufacture Silicone Rubber gators where enhanced hygiene and levels of cleanliness are required or other industry standards.



Our rubber gaitors are made from materials that meet British Standards and high specifications

Industrial clients using this component use it for applications such as in operational controls and factory machinery.

We specialise in one-off prototypes or large-scale production lines with custom made options to suit your needs.  Some customers request us to manufacture rubber gators to be made in their corporate colours.  This gives an added value and aesthetic quality that enhances the appearance of their products.

Our silicone rubber gaiters can be made to meet Food Grade, Medical Grade and other industry standards.  The healthcare industry utilise its ability to protect both mechanisms and people for wheelchair and medical apparatus.