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Silicone Rubber (VMQ)

Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Materials VMQ

Silicone Rubber is ‘Best in Class’ for extreme conditions

Known for its non-conductive nature, good flame and water resistance, Silicone Rubber is a really useful and essential material.

This material maintains performance in extremes of temperature with a continuous working temperature range of -60 to 230.  Combined with its hygienic properties, this makes it suitable for many key industries.

Southbourne Rubber support a variety of industries including aerospace and healthcare with high quality silicone rubber parts and mouldings.


What is Silicone Rubber?

This semi-organic material we refer to as silicone has a very different structure to other available elastomers.  Its unique structure provides material flexibility and prevents its characteristics from changing over a wide range of temperatures. 

Other important features this material has strong resistance to include high temperatures, ozone, oxygen, UV light, moisture and fungus.


With a comprehensive list of features in which it excels, this is a highly versatile and well utilised material.  Temperature tolerance, resistance to corrosive substances, an ability to maintain strength and vibration dampening are valuable characteristics.

SBR are recognised as a leading supplier of high quality rubber parts to the aerospace industry.  The wide temperature range and ease of application make silicones the material of choice for many aerospace and outer-space craft manufacturers. 

The healthcare sector use material properties that allow it to perform within many disposable and reusable medical devices.  It can be exposed to a variety and frequency of cleaning agents and sterile processing equipment.

We manufacture silicone gaskets, sealants and o-rings, to name but a few.  Review our rubber and silicone component categories.

Key VMQ material features:

  • Silicone rubber has the ability to offer superior performance in a variety of extreme conditions
  • VMQ's unique structure enables material flexibility and prevents its characteristics from changing over a wide range of temperatures
  • Temperature tolerance and resistance to chemicals allow the aerospace and healthcare industry to benefit widely from silicone materials







Our product range includes:

Southbourne Rubber (SBR) O-rings
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Grommets
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Rubber & Silicone Sheeting
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Gaskets
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Cord
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Rubber Flooring
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Rubber & Silicone Extrusions
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Silicone & PVC Tubing
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) U-Channels
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Rubber Sponge
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Rubber Gators
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Bellows & Anti-VibrationSouthbourne Rubber (SBR) PTFE Components