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Fluorosilicone Rubber

Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Materials FVMQ


Fluorosilicone Rubber is similar to silicone rubber, but this elastomer has excellent resistance to fuels, oils and lubricants.

Fluorosilicone performs well at a wide range of working temperatures although it is more susceptible to degradation by hot air.  It does however have superior ability to counteract the effects of weathering and ozone exposure and has sound electrical strength.

What is Fluorosilicone Rubber (FVMQ)?

FVMQ are the only fuel resistant elastomers that remain useable.  The trifluoropropyl group content enhances the chemical resistance of these materials compared to silicone. 

It has one of the widest operating temperatures (-68ºC - 232ºC) and is able to resist mineral oils, oil products and aliphatic solvents.

What are the applications of Fluorosilicone?

Thermal, chemical and environmental resistance make this material suitable for electrical, automotive, food production, healthcare and aerospace applications.

With regards to the use of this material in military and commercial aircraft, SBR are an industry trusted supplier.  We have gained recognition for the precision manufacturing and production quality of high quality gaskets, seals and o-rings.

Our manufacturing knowledge, advanced production techniques and understanding of material characteristics make us ideally positioned to support these technologically advanced industries.

Read about our work within the innovative area of aircraft development and how we ensure our products meet the highest of manufacturing standards


Key FVMQ material features:

  • FVMQ has one of the widest operating temperatures (-68ºC - 232ºC) and is excellent at low temperatures 
  • This material has enhanced resistance to mineral oils, oil products and aliphatic solvents
  • Among several key industries, FVMQ is ideal in applications such as aviation fuel seals, coatings, films and mouldings

Our product range includes: