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Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomers (EPDM)

Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Materials EPDM

Recognised for its high density and durability, this synthetic rubber is made up of ethylene and propylene.


What is EPDM?

The ethylene and propylene materials making up EPDM originate from oil and natural gas.  Its combined form is classified as a terpolymer where a diene monomer is added to these two compounds.  EPDM uses a sulphur cure system.

A typical service temperature for this material would be a range between -65º F and 300º F.

This material offers very good resistance to aging caused by weather, ozone, exposure to UV, water and heat.  It is also excellent at resisting phosphate ester base hydraulic fluids, dilute acids and for use as electrical insulation.



This material is able to maintain performance in extremes of temperature with a shrewd resistance to weathering and oxidisation. It can be widely used in both static and dynamic applications.

It is therefore excellent for outdoor use and an industry favourite for rubber roofing as well as rubber gaskets and seals.

Other applications include auto parts, auto brake systems, electrical insulation, dust covers, weather stripping and conveyor belts.

Key EPDM material features:

  • Excellent resistance against hydraulic fluids, dilute acids
  • Often used as an electrical insulation 
  • Can be widely used in both static and dynamic applications



Our product range includes:

Southbourne Rubber (SBR) O-rings
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Grommets
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Rubber & Silicone Sheeting
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Gaskets
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Cord
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Rubber Flooring
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Rubber & Silicone Extrusions
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Silicone & PVC Tubing
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) U-Channels
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Rubber Sponge
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Rubber Gators
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Bellows & Anti-VibrationSouthbourne Rubber (SBR) PTFE Components