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Compressed Non-Asbestos Fibre (CNAF)

Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Materials CNAF

Compressed Non-Asbestos Fibre (CNAF)

Compressed Non-Asbestos Fibre is a high grade sealing and jointing material

With material benefits including resistance to compression, chemicals and high temperatures, Compressed Non-Asbestos Fibre meets a variety of demands.


What is Compressed Non-Asbestos Fibre (CNAF)

CNAF most commonly comes in a sheet material made from aramid fibres (non-asbestos), fibreglass and rubber.  These sheets can be cut to create any size or custom shape you require.

The material has excellent resistance to corrosion, chlorides and oils as well as organic and inorganic acids.



Component rubber products such as gaskets, seals and strips are manufactured from CNAF at Southbourne Rubber.  These can all be produced in a range of standard and non-standard sizes according to your requirements.

We offer a range of colour and thickness options but this will be directed by the type of CNAF chosen or recommended.

Should your components or part require more secure placement we can apply a self adhesive backing to this material for added performance.

Other applications include gaskets for use in waste water treatment and the oil industry.

Key Natural Rubber material features:

  • Ideal for use as a high grade sealing and jointing material
  • Sheets can be cut to any size or shape to form components such as gaskets, seals or strips
  • An adhesive backing can be added to this material for added security following placement



Our product range includes:

Southbourne Rubber (SBR) O-rings
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Grommets
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Rubber & Silicone Sheeting
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Gaskets
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Cord
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Rubber Flooring
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Rubber & Silicone Extrusions
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Silicone & PVC Tubing
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) U-Channels
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Rubber Sponge
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Rubber Gators
Southbourne Rubber (SBR) Bellows & Anti-VibrationSouthbourne Rubber (SBR) PTFE Components