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Bellows and Anti-Vibration

Bellows and Anti-Vibration constructed from rubber materials are a key part of many industrial systems with a pumping mechanism

Based on this important functionality and far reaching use across industry, Southbourne Rubber carry a large range.  We mould and manufacture this part in a variety of compounds, holding many in stock for immediate supply. 

We can customise to whatever shape and size is required using our extensive material and production knowledge.

SBR technical teams are on hand to support any enquiry you may have – feel free to get in touch

What are Bellows and Anti-Vibration?

Rubber bellows are designed to absorb movements and noise associated with vibration

Also known as rubber expansion, these types of bellows are commonly found in diesel engines and water cooler pumps.

Our components can help to resolve any issues you may be experiencing related to mechanical vibration.  The quality of our production and parts quality enables us to offer high pressure and temperature capacity for our customers.

We also produce a range of bonded mounts for an extensive range of aerospace and manufacturing applications.  These include: cylindrical mounts, isolator mounts, engine mounts, machinery mounts and shock mounts.



We have a variety of high quality rubber compounds at our disposal and have the expertise to advise you on the most suitable for your application

Our expansion and anti-vibration parts offer a high quality solution for a large number of our customers. 

We provide both off the shelf solutions and bespoke Machinery and installations within industrial and agricultural settings commonly use these parts.  They require the ability to reduce vibration and enable quiet running of equipment for a variety of operational reasons.

SBR are relied upon by these industries for an experienced and efficient service