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Testing and Analysis

Testing and analysis of our components ensures maximum quality and confidence for our customers in the parts we supply

We perform a range of advanced tests and analysis on our rubber and silicone products.  Inspecting products at every stage is crucial to ensure maximum quality throughout the manufacturing process.

We have invested in a range of specialist, precision measurement equipment and automation.  These are used across our development, production, assembly and finishing departments.  Testing parameters such as shore hardness (measurement of a rubber or silicone material to resist indentation).

Using systems such as the Keyence machine, we can focus on the details of our manufacturing.  This gives is immediate feedback on the status of our manufactured parts.

It is our absolute goal to offer quality to the manufacturers we supply into so they may in turn achieve their quality aims 


Inspecting products at every stage is crucial to ensure maximum quality
throughout the Southbourne Rubber manufacturing process


Product Focus: O-rings are a key competence at Southbourne Rubber

O-rings are an example where testing and analysis is applied to ensure the highest component quality and performance excellence

Many aircraft manufacturers use O-rings as a seal in hydraulic systems for brakes or integrated into wing flaps and landing gear for example.  These are highly demanding applications and require absolute quality and reliability to ensure maximum safety.

Most O-rings are made out of synthetic rubber that has been designed to withstand the high temperatures and extreme conditions of aerospace applications.  This characteristic is the reason they are used in aircraft and even space shuttles.

Hydraulic rescue tools, which help release people trapped in vehicles after crashes, and medical devices such as IV and implant components also rely on this component to work.

In addition to AS9100D and ISO9001:2015, SBR are approved by the WCS World Certification Service who are ANAB Accredited.  The company is compliant to AS13003 and AS13004, PFMEA and MSA.

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