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Closed-Cell and Open-Cell Sponge Rubber

Open-Cell and Closed-Cell sponge rubber materials according to the application and specific characteristics required

Open-cell and closed-cell sponge rubber is available from SBR in a range of densities from soft to hard sponge rubber according to need.  We can cut the material to the precise size and shape you require.


Open-Cell versus Closed-Cell Sponge Rubber

Closed-cell rubber sponge means the air, water or chemicals cannot be absorbed into or travel through the tiny pockets.  Our closed cell silicone sponge or extrusions are fantastic as an insulator or a flexible sealant.

Our range of open-cell sponge rubber is used for its ability to absorb water, air, particles such as dust or chemicals.  We offer open cell neoprene, nitrile/PVC, PU (polyurethane/polyether/polyester) and PE (polyethylene) sponge. 

This is available in various thicknesses of different coil lengths and with or without self-adhesive backing.  Density options for this material vary from hard to soft with excellent resistance to UV, ozone and extremes of cool and warm temperatures.



SBR supply a range of industries with sponge rubber products, these are predominately from the marine industry and aviation/ aerospace.

Our sponge extrusions seal or cushion gaps between layers which can be uneven but this material can easily adapt to irregularities.  This can achieve a tight seal preventing ingression of water and air. 

Key Sponge Rubber material features:

  • Provides excellent performance for safety devices such as fenders on boats or floatation aids for people out on the water
  • Excellent resistance to UV, ozone and temperature extremes
  • Industries utilising this material more frequently include the aerospace and marine industries for padding and protection


Our product range includes:

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